Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Teksumo Redeux II

I had a successful flight! I was thinking about it last night, then I realized, that I forgot to put any reflex into the elevons! At the same time, I swapped in the 7x5E for a 8x4E and the launch went as well as any other teksumo launch on youtube :)

I'm thinking that the 2812 1534Kv motor is very likely over propped with the 8x4E - it's suggested a 7x6 prop at max. So... probably have to see if I can be bothered to put the 1130Kv Sk3 motor in.. the one that I was fooling around with.  To err on the side of safety, I am more inclined to purchase a "fresh" motor.

Probably will have to do some calculations to see if I can get her to fly a slow-fly prop, that would require a really slow motor, not sure if there are any that can do the job with 3S.

I will shelf her for the time being, as I think I want to gain some proficiency with LOS flights at speed. With the Radian and Vapor, they are so easy to fly, as well as self leveling. The Tek flies at a whole another speed level, and the reaction time needed is magnitudes higher.

As such, I've decided to build a smaller aircraft, the Nutball :)

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