Sunday, September 06, 2015

Teksumo Build Log 10

I finally decided to place the receiver on the very left side of the wing, however this requires the servos to run rather long wires across the wing, which probably add a fair bit of weight. On the flip side, the fpv transmitter can be put in the other wing, so they won't be too close together, and will balance each other out. First, I thought I'd just desolder the servo connections and extend the leads directly from the servo.

Unfortunately, it is nigh impossible to get the control board out to desolder :( So, the next better option is to just use extension leads.
I also took the opportunity to check out the gears on the front of the servo. Interestingly, for a servo marketed as a metal gear servo, there is a nylon gear in there. Let's see how it goes.
The extension leads I'm using are re-purposed cables used for connecting microcontrollers. The connectors do not fit properly into the receiver, and I had to sand down the plastic to fit. Otherwise, it works.
I've cut grooves to put the servo leads through.
And here's the Teksumo after much more additions. The winglets and motor mount have been glued on, and following an article from flitetest, applied Amazing Goop to the leading edge of the wing.

For the big wires from the speed controller, I've held them down using cable ties threaded between the wing. However, I cut small strips of plywood to strengthen the areas where the cable ties are, in the hope that the plywood will resist the cable ties from "biting" through the foam.
Right now, the Teksumo weights in at 528g, and I am still missing stuff like the velcro to hold the battery down, as well as some duct tape to cover parts up open areas like the receiver section on the left wing. I would think with the cameras on board, it will be close to 700g? Darn it.

Anyways, if all goes well, I hope to maiden this baby tomorrow!

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