Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kfm4 Flying Wing Build Log 08

She's all done and ready for her maiden! Still have to figure out a name for her :)
For the ESC, I was waiting for a delivery from overseas, but as I had a full weekend free, decided get this aircraft complete this weekend and bought an ESC from the lhs instead of waiting.

Originally I wanted to get a 20A ESC, but I did a quick static thrust test this morning using the heavier-duty electronics on my Teksumo, and I was getting an average of ~10A with the Emax CF2822 1200Kv motor. Armed with this knowledge, I had two options at the LHS, a Hitec 20A ESC or the Castle Creations Talon 15.

I've been quite curious about Castle Creations products, and the ESC weighed only 7-ish grams, and has a 50% buffer for the current draw, so decided to go ahead with it.

Testing the static thrust on the CF2822 with the following props give me the following results:
  • 7x3.8SFW / 9.91A / 570g ~ 59g/A
  • 7x5E / 9.05A / 480g ~ 53g/A
  • 8x3.8SF / 12.3A / 690g ~ 56g/A
  • 8x4E / 10.6A / 590g ~ 55g/A
Looks like I'll be going with the 7x3.8SFW for the maiden. The 7x5E prop is possibly stalled, and work better only in the air. But we'll see :)

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