Thursday, September 03, 2015

Teksumo Build Log 07

I have probably compromised my SK3 2826-1130Kv motor. Previously, I'd assembled the prop and all on the motor, but there was a bit of play in the prop, so after some forum surfing, I'm pretty sure I needed to reverse the shaft on my motor, and use one of the Collet-style prop adaptors.

First up (no pictures sadly) the motor's shaft was locked in place with one of those annoying retaining rings. I bent it while trying to get it off >.>

A 3mm e-clip seems like a good replacement, but I had more important fish to fry. After taking the commutators off, the shaft appears to be stuck well and good to the bell. Some youtube videos later, it seems like grub screws were holding it down.

Two grub screws were holding the shaft tight. The first grub screw came loose without a peep. The 2nd one... actually caused me to twist the shaft of my 3mm hex driver >.>

I was quite apathetic towards this motor at this time, even thought it was all shiny and all. 

In any case, my FC 2812 1534Kv motor seems to work fine with the 3mm collet-style prop adaptor, so, depending on the current draw, it may go on.

Also, it seems like the various props I've got have totally different hub sizes and the diameter of the holes in the hub do not necessarily fit the prop adaptors (too small), or the hub is too thick, and there is only 1 or 2 threads for the end bit to hold on to, which is bad!

The only props that seemingly work fine, are the original APC props I bought locally from the hobbyshop here. Unfortunately, these are slowfly props, and of a larger width not suitable for the 1534. Some of the "APC Style" props I bought look really poor, lots of molding flash, and the adaptors for the hubs don't even fit properly. The TGS props actually look pretty good, too bad the hubs on these are rather thick >.>

Apart from messing with the motors, I've finally joined the two halves of the Teksumo together! It was a bit of touch and go as I glued the two halves together with Foam-tac. It feels like a less stringy Uhu, now that I think about it. But while I had difficulty getting the two halves to sit right, I remembered that there were some carbon spars to be put into the pre-cut slots.

Pushing in those spars really helped with the alignment, and I could properly apply pressure between the two halves without them slipping and twisting sideways. Tomorrow evening I'll attach the two little winglets, which are incidentally made of a much softer/flexible foam than the main wing.

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