Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Teksumo Build Log 06

Decided to get the control horns onto the elevons. But first! A test of the glue. At the hobby shop, I was recommended that this, Foam Tac, as the best option to use for joining foam together, as well as a myriad of other things to foam. But before actually using it on the wing, I tried it out last night on some scrap wood and epp pieces.

The result? It's a daaaaamned strong join! I even tried gluing a piece of epp to a zip tie - the epp broke off before the glue joint was compromised. So yes, it appears to be bloody strong, but I'm not the strongest bloke.

While the kit does come with the control horns for the elevons, whilst I was at the hobby shop, I found these Dubro Nylon "T-Style" Control Horns, for 1.89 a pair. The full hardware comes with long screws to join with a lower piece, but I think I'll try just gluing on the control horn directly to the EPP and see how it goes. The stock hardware is probably lighter, but it's fiberglass and I have reservations about using them, even though they do appear lighter.
Finally, watched some videos on prop balancing, and got out some sandpaper to balance them up. It gets really touchy when it's nearly balanced, and even breathing too hard on the prop will spin it.

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