Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Nutball RET Build

I'm building a Nutball RET (Rudder, Elevator, Throttle) flyer, according to this page at rcgroups. I think most people use EPP foam, unfortunately that stuff is not easy to source in Canada. The main issue is shipping cost - the foam is very affordable, but to ship something that large, no matter how light, costs a fair bit!

Many have gone the route with the foam boards from Dollar Tree, aka DTF.
Each sheet is about 115g in weight, with both sides of the paper backing. I'm very much tempted to leave them on to support the very thin foam, but the paper is not actually glued to the foam, and pulls away easily with a fingernail.
I've quickly marked out the circle with my uber high tech marking tools, as well as the lines for the wing dihedral and elevator.

If this works well, I will want to convert it to elevons like my Teksumo, so I can practice with this and not the Tek, as the small park near my place is just too small for the Tek.

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