Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kfm4 Flying Wing Build Log 06

Spent last night and tonight taping up the wing with packing tape, and the leading edge with some super heavy duty gorilla duct tape. Without the tape, the wing weighs 56 grams. After adding on the elevons and adding in on the packing tape, it now weighs 103 grams!!!!

In addition, I've tried gliding the wing, and it is very slightly tail heavy. Adding in a 3 gram weight (2 x 10 cent coins) and the plane glides forward slight nose heavy. Checking the CG, it is at the 35% of the way along the chord. That's way behind what's the supposed CG, but I'll run with it and see what happens :)

It seems like the elevons are considered part of the wing area, and they were not included in the CG calculations. Adding them in, it seems the CG of the wing is actually at 25%, so yay!
Added in the servo as well!

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