Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kfm4 Flying Wing Mods 1

Based on the results of yesterday's maiden flight, I've adjusted the motor mount to give more or less a zero thrust angle, and also setup the servo horns so that they give much, much more throw.

Evidently, I did it the wrong way round, resulting in the *least* amount of throw possible! The new setup gives as much throw as possible without binding. There is a fair bit of difficulty in getting the pushrods to be exactly correct, and after snapping many pieces of 1.3mm piano wire from attempts at bending/straighten/bend - I gave up, and used a cut down piece of bbq skewer to join the two control rods using CA, and then shrink wrapped on top of it. It appears very strong, and I hope it does not give in a crash.

The battery is also now mounted flush into the body, with a thin piece of ply to support it, and hold the velcro strap in place. The unfortunate result of this modification, is that the wing now flexes a fair bit more.

I also placed the battery further back, partly for structural reasons, and partly because I want to have space for the FPV gear. In order to balance it, I needed to put in 21g of weight up front.
Which brings me to this! This package arrived from banggood today. I just checked, this purchase was made on the 13th of August, so this took over 6 weeks to get here! Not a good idea if you are in a rush :)

The contents are very well protected by this rubber-like material. I did a quick test, and it works with the fpv screen I bought previously, so yay! I doubt I will fly it any time soon, as I want to get confident flying the wings before I do any fpv flights.

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