Monday, September 07, 2015

Teksumo Build Log 11

Completed the aircraft today! To keep the wiring neat, I've used my soldering iron to cut grooves in the wing, and stuffed the wires into them.
It only occurred to me after the fact, that I should have run the wiring _below_ the aircraft. Oh well... I'll keep that in mind next time.
And... here it is with the extra weights added to the right wing, and all the components taped down.
I went for a maiden flight this evening, and I think that... I shouldn't have gone for a heavy weight Teksumo for a start - at 606g flying weight, she flies, but only at a good fast clip. Attempting to fly at half throttle simply results in a nosedive into the ground >.>

One of these nosedives broke my motor mount. Graah. Shouldn't be too much trouble to fix. Still, I think I'm just going to fix this, and call it a day because the aircraft travels *really* fast, way faster than I can control.
I still want to fly FPV one day, but not a good idea to start with an aircraft that needs to travel so fast. As such, I'm calling it a day, and going to look into scratch building lower speed foamies, before I step up to the fast stuff :)

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