Monday, September 21, 2015

Kfm4 Flying Wing Build Log 03

The main wing itself had the leading edge sanded down. It seems like the Readiboard is very easy to sand, though the Gorilla glue wedged between the layers does make it more challenging. I'm not entirely sure of the blunt leading edge of the airfoil. Most people who do the bent kfm4 airfoil definitely have a much more aerodynamic leading edge. I'll see what I can read up on this online and decided if I want to go further.
The motor chosen for this wing is the Emax CF2822, 1200Kv motor, and I've got a medley of props to try out, but decided to go with the APC 8x3.8SF for a start as I am not looking for speed. That said, I hope the prop is fast enough to take us beyond stall speed......
For the motor area, I've added on another piece of foam to reinforce it. Hopefully this will work!

Right now, it's weighing in at 56g, without the elevons. Everything I've got piled on takes it to about 300g. This will probably go up again once I've added in some packing tape to firm things up! The main component I'm missing is really the ESC, hopefully it arrives this week!

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