Sunday, September 06, 2015

Teksumo Build Log 09

I've been waiting for my receiver from Lemon RX for over 3 weeks now, and with the weather cooling down, I really want to get this completed and flying asap. I decided to just buy the Spektrum AR400 to save time. 4 channels, with diversity, and weighs in at 6 grams. With this, I started testing out the servos and motors, all of which went very well.
With the motor now definitely working, work could proceed to shorten the shaft of the motor. Wrapped the whole thing up with a used plastic bag, leaving only a hole for the shaft to poke through. Layers of duct tape were used to make sure no metal shavings would get stuck on the magnet whilst the shaft was being shortened. 
Things went well, and I also went to RP Electronics to pick up a set of M3 screws/nuts/washers to attach the motor's mount to the teksumo's motor mount.
Next up, now that I actually have the control in hand, was to see which props were usable.
Since I have a 2nd motor, I zip-tied the spare's motor mount to a piece of plywood, and duct-taped the thing down to my scales. Time to see if the watt mater owns its keep!
I only have 3 props that fit this prop adaptor, all from APC: 7x5E, 8x4E and 8x3.8SF.
The slow fly prop is not designed to spin that fast, so I did not dare take it up beyond a few amps of testing. The 8x4 prop appears to give slightly better thrust for the same amp draw, so I'm not sure which one to choose... .

On the motor's can, the recommended sizes are from 5 to 7 inch. I choose this motor because of this post from Crash Test Hobbies. Evidently, someone read the wrong prop pitch and got 7x5s instead of 7x6.

I'm only needing to connect the electronics, strap them down, attach the winglets and I'm ready to fly! I just keep waffling on where I should put the receiver etc. Her weight right now in the photo, is about 495g. Almost there! ARGH!

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