Monday, March 31, 2008

Woo! Internet access!

Moved into my new place a day ahead of schedule. Finally! Unlimited internet access! Woo!

Nothing new, apart from the fact I had subway today (duh). Erm. Tastes the same. Even with the new flavor type of Chicken and Bacon Ranch (?). I guess dressing and vege choice just makes it taste the same. Hmm..

Ah well time to unpack the clothes, then back to some Houdini-ing before bed :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cold in Adelaide

The weather seems to be taking a cold turn. Today it's so cold, when I went out for lunch, it reminds me of my 12am walks back home to my LA flat. i.e. freezing. Not as bad, but close. Thankfully I brought along my winter jacket, so it should stave off the cold for the few minutes I'm outdoors. Indoors at work, it's pretty cold, but I also got a light jacket for contingencies. Can't believe some still wear Tees!

I'm somehow (very oddly) getting bouts of insomnia for the last week. Not fun. Been trying to sleep at 12, but lie tossing at turning till the sun comes up. It got better today, so hopefully by next week I can be fully acclimatized. Laundry day tomorrow =)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Works starts

I start work today at Rising Sun Pictures in Adelaide. Lovely place, lots of talented artists, and of course, back to full time Houdini-ing :)

Went out to Chinatown with a few colleagues today, and I'm still not really used to the serving sizes here... ordered a bowl of pork & prawn dumpling noodles, and it's huge. Like double the size back home.

Yesterday, I had a burger for dinner at CoffeX, along Rundle. The bloody thing was easily twice the height of a Carl's JR burger, and tastes just so much better. But then again, Carl's JR generally sucks anyways. Not even going to bother to compare the fries. I'll see if I get the mood for more ebil food - I wanna try out how's Hungry Jacks. The supposed equivalent of BK.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank you! Whoever you are!

Was looking at an apartment today, and got kinda lost, so I ended up walking in an unknown neighborhood somewhat lost, clutching a piece of paper (my map :P) Suddenly, a car pulls up, and the nice lady inside asks if I am lost, and needed any help. I have a relative good sense of where I am, so I thanked her, said I should be fine, and we went on our way. The thing is she definitely was not on the same route as I was; she had to make a U-turn into another road. Thank you whoever you are for taking the time!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Touch down!

Keeping this post short - internet access is rather expensive in my current residence... it's actually cheaper to rent a car :P In any case, I caught a minor cold on the flight over, and slept it off last night, and a good part of today.

Weather here is hot... really hot... I guess this is the so called "Adelaide Summer". Thankfully, it doesn't seem as humid as home!

It was really really quiet yesterday, being Sunday in the CBD, was kinda worried as to the lack of people :P But today's all hustle and bustle.

Going to be finding apartments and getting used to the public transport system. Can't wait :)

My handphone is still connected, but I may not carry it with me 24/7 - probably leaving it at home most of the time. Email me if you want my new local number. Cheers!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Live from Terminal 1!

at the time of this post I'm in the boarding lounge awaiting my flight to Adelaide, Australia. I'm feeling both excited as well as already homesick...gah wanna write more but it's my turn to board. More after I touch down!