Saturday, February 27, 2010

4th credit in the bag! woo!

I just got off Clash of the Titans, only did one shot there, may be uncredited in the film but I'll give it a go on imdb :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running around with the 24mm again

Kingston On Thames, with markets open

Since I was still on hols, I wanted to catch a market open, and headed down to Kingston on Thames again. Only armed with my 24mm 2.8 AF-D.

It has no focus or subject matter, but I like the lines and depth of the scene. Hyperfocused at F11.

It's bloody wet in and around London. Annoying.

I didn't want to shoot without permission. But all the store owners I asked did not want to be shot. Oh well.

The fishmonger

Pathway to the church

London music shop at night.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Furballs of Athens

Forgot about these critters :) Saw lots of cats and dogs during my trip, and most seem pretty well fed. I'm also pretty sure I saw a husky cross....

Downside of so many dogs, and big well fed ones at that, is that there seem to be a few more poop drops than I care to relish :)

Random mew along the Plaka

Doggie near my hotel. I think he's blind in one eye.

Another furball snoozing, this time right inside the Acropolis.

Hmm can't remember where, probably somewhere in the Plaka.

Just outside the Acropolis's museum store.

On a roof top along the plaka

Hungry mew in the Temple of Ancient Zeus. Was rubbing up to all the visitors.

Big furball snoozing at the entrace of the Temple.

Big whitish furball in the Ancient Agora.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Panoramas in Athens

Here's a few choice panoramic selections for your viewing pleasure :)

From the North Slope of the Acropolis with the plaka spread out, and Lykavittos in the distance.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

 Another view of the odeon

View of the Plaka and Lykavittos in the distance atop the Acropolis.

On top of Lykavittos, viewing South showing the Acropolis smack dab in the middle and the sprawling Plaka.

Athens Day 4

Woke up at the right time on the last day, had breakkie, packed up my clothing then checked out of the hotel. My final destination for today would be Lycavittos Hill, otherwise known as the hill trod on by wolves :):):)

The top of the Hill can be accessed by a winding road to the top, or the Telefarik. A kinda tram-like vehicle. The ride is very short, but it takes the edge off the hard climb.

Telefarik Station.

I was very lucky to find the station, I was navigating blind and... got lost. Checking the map, I found I had stopped exactly at the base of a stairway leading up to the telefarik. Talk about luck :D

It costs 6 Euros for a two way journey, which sucks as I only wanted to get up there mechanically and trod downhill, gravity assisted.

Guard dog and cat

Rear of the church at the summit.

Bell tower, flag and tree.

The Acropolis viewed from Lykavittos Hill

The views from the top of the hill are awesome. What's even better, it was blue skies the day I decided to visit. Yay wolves!

Shop owner posing

After Lykavittos Hill, I took a good slow walk down back to the Plaka, and er... wondered what to do next. It was just about 12, and I had not planned to finish Lykavittos that early. Pulling out my Lonely Planet Guide, I checked for eating places in the Plaka, and found one near Deinos street. Popping in, I ordered some lamb and potato stew. Had a coke though, as they had no tea :-/

Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments

Just besides the lunch place was a Museum of musical instruments. Lots of history there, and it is actually more interesting for me versus the archeological stuff.

Embedded glass globules?

Randomly walking around the plaka back to the hotel when I spied this house with these glass structured embedded in the roof. Perhaps they allow light into the house?

Random "street" shot

Yet another random "street" shot

After getting back to the hotel to grab my backpack, I made my way down to Syntagma station for the train back to the airport. Everything went mostly smoothly, except one of the souvenirs I brought back caused the xray staff to go mildly concerned (lol).

That was a good, if randomly spontaneous trip. Wouldn't say I had a blast of a time with the attractions closing at 3pm in the day, and me left with nothing to do at night :P But it was very restful for the mind and I think I had a good time to think about stuff.

More wildlife stuffz soon!


Athens Day 3

This time I set the alarm correctly! And woke up a little before 7am. Quick shower and I was down to nom on evil bacon, sausages, eggs, more eggs, toast, and loads of tea.

The weather wasn't looking very good today, and the day was pretty gloomy with the punctured by the staccato of small, light showers. The 16-85VR was the keystone for this weather, as I've shot it with my D200 in much heavier rain.

First Cemetary of Athens

My plan for the day would be to cover the First Cemetary of Athens (how many tourist visit this place, I wonder... ), the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the various other archeological hotspots around the acropolis.

The Sleeping Lady

Monument beside the church

I think I read somewhere that the cemetary holds your body for 3 years, before it moves it to your final resting place, which explains why parts of the cemetary were very very new. It's a very nice quiet place for one to nurse one's thoughts.

Temple of Olympian Zeus, with the Acropolis in the distance.

Ye olde mighty walls

The Ancient Agora

Site near the Library of Hadrian


Gateway into the Roman Agora

Ruins of ancient toilets.

Tower of the Winds (aka Horologion of Kyrrhestos) in the Roman Agora

Was very tired after visiting all these sites, and decided to call it a day and returned to the hotel. In the evening, I went out to another greek place, and had a really awesome meal. For a starter I was introduced a soup that seemed to be made of cheese and milk (omg). The main course was fish with tomatoes and potatoes with a side of rice. A cup of tea (the milk in greece tastes very different, much thicker. I love it!) with a sweet treat, a compliments of the restaurant.

On the way back again got accosted by another idiot trying to pull me to a bar, shrugged 'em off and retired for the night.


Athens Day 2

Having had a pretty longish day yesterday (did not sleep the day before, except for the few hours on the flight to Athens) and fell asleep pretty early, but had set my phone to be up at 7am to catch breakfast. Unfortunately, I had set it to London time, so it was actually 9am in Athens when the alarm went off. Being too tired to get up, I snoozed a little longer. I then realized after my morning shower, that I had totally missed the free continental breakfast. GAH!

After grabbing grub (omelette and tea) - I headed over to explore the Acropolis. There are several entry gates, and I entered from the very quiet North Gate. The ticket sold is a 12 Euro ticket that allows for entry into the major attractions around Athens, such as the various Agoras, Temple of Ancient Zeus, etc.

Most of the place was being reconstructed and fixed up, to my chagrin. Oh well.

Lykavittos hill from the Acropolis

Roofs of the Plaka

Street Curves

Theatre of Dionysus from the top.

 Another view of the Parthenon

Interlocking contrast

Plaka again...

The day ended rather early, and arrived at the hotel just after 4pm where I proceeded to snooze. Woke up a little later and headed out into the Plaka for dinner at yet another homely greek place. This night's dinner consisted of some sort of meat (I think probably chicken?) wrapped in cabbage or some very vege-tasting food. And also a bit of spinich and cheese pie. Yum! Spent the rest of the evening reading novels and tea drinking. Got accosted by the same idiot on the way back to the hotel, and I deftly avoided him as I was tired and no mood to play the nice tourist.