Thursday, May 01, 2014

Excess Baggage/Relocation/movers in Montreal

Looking up the internet, I contacted several local movers, but I never received a reply - probably because all I wanted was just shifting a few boxes back home. Thankfully one of my colleagues gave me a good hint: Seven Seas Shipping.

This is my last work week, and I am still rather busy at work. Combined with over half a year of crunch, you can say I'm not in a very good headspace. So, I was slightly panicking this week when I have boxes of books/dvds/figures to ship home, but couldn't find a local shipper.

I called Seven Seas Shipping late last night, expecting to just leave a voicemail, but was very surprised to hear a voice at the other end of the line. Extremely friendly, and I actually got the quote done over the phone, and even got the email with the quote while I was speaking to the staff.

Now I haven't actually had my stuff shipped through them - they don't have a branch in Montreal, so DHL (or was it UPS) would be the one doing the pickup next week, and I'll update it as things go.

They appear to have the same kind of modus operandi as Excess baggage in the UK (which, is also an excellent relocation company) - they will ship you high quality cartons, bubble wrap as well as tape for your packing, and they will pick it up another day.

Lots of things I want to post about the year here, but just too damned tired. I basically go home, read book or play some mindless games and sleep. Iterate that over the last half year. Stopped my music lessons, and basically in the office mostly 6 days a week. So much fun.