Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moving to linux?

Been setting up my USB drive as my main boot drive now, to boot up to Ubuntu 7.10 - was trying the 8.04 beta before, and it killed my install for some unknown reason. It's been quite a while since my last reinstall, and I think the new nvidia drivers aren't working out for me. I have to use an older set, which doesn't seem to affect Houdini's performance. Which reminds me, one of the reasons I am attempting the switch is to try out the HDK.

Games... well since I'm playing Eve-Online at the moment, works great. I finally got the linux client to work. I had to turn off the "Occlusion Queries", else it'd just load up and hang :( Thankfully I can just switch to a terminal and kill the wine process. Else, it's working pretty well at the moment. I can't really play it seriously though - Eve University is currently at war, and I'm quite distracted by attempting to learn the HDK - so I will be sitting this one out.

I also installed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and ET: Quake Wars yesterday... took me a bit to figure out all the permissions, but they run flawlessly. Indeed, I may pick up Quake Wars if I see it :P Wolf:ET was the last FPS shooter I was playing, and ETQW is just a real big step up. I do miss the fact that the weapons and teams are not WW2. In another words, I spent more or less a bloody good part of saturday fragging :)

Other games I installed included Torus Trooper - I only tried the Linux version which was a very nice addition to my games menu. There is a windows version, so do try it if you have time. BZTank is nice, but quirky tank FPS shooter. Nexuiz - an open source FPS - er yep I was installing a lot of stuff yesterday lol.

Still got lots of pictures I've not yet processed. We'll see when I get in the mood for 4gbs worth of raws :P