Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Side Effects Software: Why use Houdini?

And more question such as:
How many companies have a new daily build accessible from their website, containing bug fixes and feature improvements?
Where can you meet the developers in person and talk to them?
How often do representatives visit you in person?

Well SESI does all that, and more. A few weeks ago, I put up the robotic servo arm controlled by Houdini. It's just a proof of concept that went overkill, but seemed to generate a fair bit of interest, so much that the code and concept may be used for other projects.

Fast forward to last night, it seems like I had failed to test for keyframed animation support, and I fixed the otl right up. The developers at SESI took it to actually rebuild my entire digital asset from the ground up, pythonized, so while it looks the same on the outside, the guts are totally revamped.

Next project I'm working on will involve an ADXL335 accelerometer, what will I use with it? As always, these are proof of concepts I hope to learn from to build on for bigger projects :)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saxophone Log!

To prove that I have no life, here's me on my monthly saxophone log.