Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random stuff

I want cream! I haven't had cream for a really long time, and I miss having half-and-half back in the US!

And on the way back home, caught this shot :D

Also, random thought of the day, INFJ are also known to test to be INTJ and ISTJ (?!)


Eagle Heights in Summer

Visited Eagle Heights wildlife park this good day to get some reference husky photos for my sketching, sadly, the day was very warm - summer's here - so all the dogs were not only not moving in the shade, the enclosures they stay in have this really bright and thick bars in the way :(

I did manage to get some live gestures done and get some crappy ref shots of huskies and a pony so it's not that bad. Had a few keepers as well:

Griffon Vulture sprawled out, taking in the sun ^^

On the chopping block! Aiee! No, not really.

Bald eagle coming in...

Bing bang boom!

Random, panning meerkat shot :D

North American Porcupines! So cuddly.... er no.

Thought this shot was touching...

 Orange teeth?!

Ooooo keep away from me photog!

Pygmy Goat shot

Sea eagle, if I remember properly. Beatiful furballs.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nanny McPhee 2 Interview at FX Guide!

Random hit on the web! Didn't know an article was published about NM2 at fxguide. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

BWC again!

Went down with a few photogs to the BWC today, weather was actually quite good from my point of view - somewhat overcast which eased the need to push the fill flash, and the cooler weather had alot of the critters very active throughout the entire day.

I think the main excitement at the BWC would be that one of the foxes just gave birth to a litter of pups (!!!) - they are currently still mostly black and mom isn't letting them out of the den much. Only caught sight of them twice, and was not in a good position to shoot. Oh well.

If not, the kits from last time round have grown up into beautiful little furballs. Micro foxes really. While very active, they seem a little more aloof.

Was at the deer talk shooting ref (legs, hooves, heads, full body shots etc) and happened upon a portrait I liked.

Scottish wildcarts were *very* active today as well. I tried shooting the usual side on shots, and with usual stuff, I got usual shots. However, whilst walking around I saw this furball sitting in a really unique position :D
And my favourite wildcat shot of the day ^^ Aieee sooo cuuuute!

Again, I have never seen much of the critters like the Pine Martens, and just managed to grab a shot of one.

The Bird display went flawlessly today, though I could swear that the Snowy Owl, Hedwig was bigger. Guess we thought wrong. Had a nice portrait of one of the keepers:

And the head keeper inside the fox's enclosure looking to get a shot of the fox pups ^^

I leave thee with the obligatory fox head shot :D


PS: I also picked up a pencil rendered greeting card of a fox by Joanne T Kell, I'm still very new to drawing and her work is an inspiration. The rendered fur is just so lifelike!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Statement of an artist? (Semi-blog emo post)

From ConceptArt forums:

As an artist the truth is there is not short cut. Being an artist or wanting to be is a nutso choice. One reason is once you dedicate yourself it is lifetime endeavor that means you are constantly learning, reshaping, growing blah blah indefinitely. Its a crazy life choice.

Browing for gesture tutorials and came across this. Wanted to put this on my "art" blog but decided to emo here instead.

When does one consider oneself an "artist" Is it the title (VFX Techincal Director, VFX Animator, VFX Artist). Or is it the final output (film, photos, painting, sculpture?) Or it the process. Or is it just the being? The want to learn, to further improve? To enjoy, revel in the process?

I don't know.

The quote from CA grabs at me though. Be it houdini photography or whatever, many of us are constantly learning, striving to be more than what we are. To hit the next level.

Indeed for myself I am trying my best to learn and grow. And yet on the other side of the fence, I ask myself why.

Then again do I care?

I need 48 hour days and the ability to sleep less. Then I can do more houdini, photography, drawing, learn the flute, sax and all the other shizzle I wanna do. Maybe even time to get a partner.



(I did say this was an emo post no? :P )

Monday, May 03, 2010

Oxford in stills and panoramics

Visited Oxford yesterday, weather was rainy and overcast, but made the best of it :) That's the thing with travel photography, just capture what we can I say :)

Top of the Carfax Tower

Kit was kept lightweight-ish by my standards. D200 + 16-85VR, and the SB600.

SB600 providing a little fill in here, wirelessly :)

Bouncing off the left with the SB600 offshoe!

Shot loads just to get the correct bounce.

Top down from the University Church tower.

Loads of details!

Touch of fill from the pop up flash.

Very interesting - a chest for transporting £££.

Details, so much detail!

The dining halls seem to be very serious


The altar

View from Carfax Tower

View from the University Church's Tower

Radcliff Camera from the University Church's Tower

The Christ Church Quad. I think.

I think I covered maybe a fifth of the places to visit in Oxford. I will definitely be making another trip down in the summer.