Sunday, April 18, 2010

British Wildlife Center! Woo!

Visited the British Wildlife Center (yet again!) with two other photogs this good day, and it was a blast! The BWC has recently rescued two fox kits as well as two badger pups, and they are the most adorable things ever! Aiee! The day starts as usual with the mature foxes, however today was really packed and I didn't manage to get any good shoot spots, so just came up with this:

Go away, damned photographers!

Aaaand on to the fox kits :D

Exploring the bush

I want mommy :(

On the lookout

 Coming at ya!

Can I follow you home?


Carried :D

Not leaving mom's side.
Where's my brother?

Aaaand over. Got tons more but not going to allow you, dear reader to keel over. Got to the cats and I did a stint of lying on rocky ground (ouch) in order to get some low eye level shots.

Puuuuuuur humans!

Got a few more generic wildcat shots, but let's move on to the badger pups instead :D



Later in the day was the flying displays. The backgrounds aren't up to my tastes so decided to go for people shots :)


Eagle Owl Closeups!

Canon, Nikon (200-400/4), Canon, Canon! (Not sure the guy behind the eagle owl)



You didn't see this!

Amazing day! Will hopefully return next month to see how the fox kits grow up :)

Marwell Zoo Day Trip

A few acquaintances and I set off for Marwell Zoo today. I thought the train services would be running fine, but sadly when I arrived at Basingstoke, there was only rail replacement services running to my meet up point at Winchester.

Thankfully, it didn't take too long, and we arrived at the Zoo after picking up a straggler.

Day out at the zoo was really good fun, however I just had difficulty getting naturalistic looking shots, so ended up just doing abstract/portraits instead of what I could get.

Ack. Misfocused. But I do like this expression and prose.

The Yellow Mongoose were particularly fun to watch, as they were constantly in motion the few times I went there. The enclosure is also mostly free of man-man stuff.

Till next time :)


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cowon D2+ quick review!

So quick, you won't even know what hit you.

User details
  • 99% on linux - 1% on Vista to print photos
  • Collection of mp3s, some flac
  • Only needs music playback.
  • *quality* music output, not interested in what's popular.

Cowon D2 review points
  • Works with linux - shows up as storage device
  • Feels slightly cheap, sadly
  • Good price
  • Audio quality - comparable to the IAudio 7 - hard to say as the 7 died, hence the D2+
  • Touch screen seems to be resistive, so using tip of fingernail or the included stylus is the way to go.
  • Menus generally quite intuitive, though it took me a few minutes to find the "back" button on the browser ;-)
  • Almost double the size of the IAudio 7 but still pocketable. I worry about the screen though.
  • Startup somewhat slow

Bottom line: awesome player for the price.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Wuff Art! A new blog

Time to start putting some crap sketches online, to see my progress over time.

It definitely goes faster with friends to critique and guide.