Sunday, November 11, 2018

Buying a car in Vancouver

Blargh. Did you know in British Columbia, you'd have to pay 12% tax (5% GST + 7% PST)? I found that out a few days ago and it's been a bummer :-/ Factoring in the high ICBC insurance for a new driver - I was quoted 3.2k++ for one year's pleasure insurance (i.e. not a daily driver), and I also have to pay for monthly parking. Add all the maintenance costs, and petrol for the car... Gah! It adds up for something that is not a necessity in my life.

Last month though, I took my carshares over 1400km, and the bill is not pretty lol. I thought it'd be nice to have a car to take _really_ long distances, as well as to go autocross with. I'd budgeted enough to pull the trigger on some pre-2005 NA/NB Miatas, but then came across this 12% pst and that totally blew through what I'd budgeted >.>

That said... I've been considering what I want to use a car for:

- Travel around BC, Northern USA (Primary use)
- Autocross (Not a priority, nice to have)

And I definitely want a Miata as my first car, so I am now considering getting a 2006/2007 model, the NC.

Reasons to get a NC:
- Newer vehicle, with more modern safety design
- 11, 12 years old vs some NAs that are over 25 years old
- Largest Miata, should fit my fat butt
- Modern amenities

Reasons not to get an NC:
- Price
- Lack of pop-up headlights
- Purist think it's not a real miata - like I care

Going to check out some NCs at a dealership tomorrow, then I'll have to decide how that will slow down my retirement plans. The easy way out, is to do overtime. Sadly I haven't been doing much as I've been finishing work ahead of schedule >.>