Friday, September 12, 2008

Spring is coming?

Weather here in Adelaide borders between semi-awesome and uber awesome. It's not freezing cold when I walk back late, and the afternoons are very sunny; easting lunch out in the park under a mellow shade is so relaxing. There's a few late night showers here and there, but I'm looking forward to out looking at some more sights of Adelaide.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zeiss Ercona I Pictures!!!!

Finally brought the folder home to have some pics taken :) It's been a very good companion at work, something to fiddle with when baking stuff out.

It's actually not too big. Fully folded out is roughly comparable to the D40x with the kit lens, perhaps heavier. Side note: 28mm/2.8 roxxor! And this was tweaked in bibble; was called back to the office so did the rest in a rush.

The lens on my baby is a 105/3.5 Carl Zeiss lens, with a Tessar formula. Woo! (Actually I'm not sure what that is. All I care is I got a CZ on the lens haha :))

The film back opened.... it's pretty spacious since it's designed for 6x9. There is also a cutout available for 6x6, but I didn't bother to acquire it. 6x9 is where I wanna be :)

I did not manage to take a picture, but the viewfinder has a metal mask built in to switch between 6x9 and 6x6. A very very nice feature. Unfortunately, the viewfinder SUCKS ROYALLY if you wear glasses (like me.) - I can barely see the edge of the 6x9. In actual practice, yes, it does suck. But very much sufficient to take pictures.

This is it collasped.... a very amazingly small package for a MF camera! Now this little bugger does not have a rangefinder, so focusing is by guestimation of the distance. So far in my tests, I'm just setting it to the hyperfocal distance mark, and setting the shutter speed to 1/125, and altering the exposure only through the aperture.

While this is not optimum, I personally feel that the 105mm lens will need much care to avoid handshake; a faster shutter speed will help that since I am not going to be tripoding this baby - cause its tripod mount is some wierd type! Given I'm shooting a far away targets only, I hope the hyperfocal marking will be sufficient. From my random test roll (below) - it seems to work well.

Ignoring the horrible white balance... should have used a flash :P Yes, that is how LARGE a 6x9 negative is! Lovely size ain't it? Unfortunately I do not have a loupe handy, so I can't really tell how blurry the images are. But with a naked eye. They are razor sharp. Most are only stopped down to F5.6 (overcast), so I'm actually very impressed by this.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

6x9 slides are HUGE

Just collected my first test roll today (woot! sunny 16 rule still works in oz! :P )

Granted, I've shot 6x6 before, but 6x9 is another thing. I'll post pics soon... I hope :)


Dragonball Z - Uber Westernized or "Hey! Let's Ignore The Fans!?"

Granted, I'm not the most hardcore DBZ fan, but I've read the main manga series and watched loads of the movies, played the games since the very first DBZ rpg on the 8 bit ENS, but the live action move has to be the most uber piece of horror this year. I mean, come on! DBZ has decades of design and look. Let's not throw it out the window?!

Presenting link:

Observe the first frame. Is that Piccolo (woo! first time using that word... since rarely in SG do we use the english version - we go by the hongkong translated names for the most part) or the borg queen? Seriously. It looks more like something out of a Trek film, not DBZ.

2nd pic - well that has to be wukong. No offense to the casting director or actor himself but.... WHAT?! Wukong was definitely NOT american. Ignoring all the other pictures (is that Mr Welcome To Singapore playing the GuiSian?), the last shot should be that of a dragon ball. Or I do hope it's something else. Because seriously, it reminds me more of the Zodiac Stonse in Final Fantasy Tactics than a dragon ball.

PLEASE. A dragon ball is a bloody transparent sphere with a number of starts in it. That's it. There is no need to uber redesign it.

Now maybe, maybe it may end up like transformers where I would bitch that Megatron wasn't a gun or tank. But the movie did change my mind, and I think the vision of Transformers was good. But in the case of DBZ, it's going to be a wait and see thing. I can't for now accept that radical a change till I watch the film. And going by those jpegs, looks uber low budget.

Bitch bitch bitch.