Saturday, October 24, 2015

VR Take 2 - it works!

So after returning the previous headset I got from amazon, I was still curious about bluetooth controllers for gaming, so read up around reviews and found this particular one that garnered good praise in its "Red Samurai" guise, as marketed by gamestop. Thankfully, it's a generic controller produced by Lemon, aka the S600. Browsed, and came across it under the Vigica brand, and decided to go for it.

It also came bundled with a vr headset for a few dollars more, so I thought, why not. Now when I first put this headset on, it worked pretty good! As good as the sunnypeak I tried, or even better, as I felt the rectangular screen was closer. For some reason, I took the phone out of its protective casing when testing. I then put it back into the protective casing before slotting it into the headset, and.... it made the experience very, very blurry. Seems like 1-2mm of distance between the screen and eyes is a BIG thing for VR this close.

The bluetooth controller also paired with little drama, though it's rather annoying to have to disable it as it appears to be a keyboard to the OS, thus the virtual on-screen keyboard does not show up. I haven't yet found any games I want to play with yet, but a gamepad testing app showed that all the buttons were working, which is well and good :)

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