Tuesday, October 20, 2015

VR - maybe not for me

Bought a pair of "3D VR Glasses" - basically a plastic version of google cardboard to give it a go. I've always regarded VR to be a gimmick - back in the 90s, I tried some "VR" googles for flight simulators and while it was cool, I really did not think it added anything. Of course, back in the day we were limited to low quality graphics and, IIRC, no head tracking. Tempered by my past experience, I never really got into the VR craze.

Skip forward to today, I gave it a go, but I think it's not for me. First, I think the glasses are probably not paired well to my vision. The image is only somewhat in focus, and I think it's the reason why I'm getting a mild headache.

The headtracking works great, if there's drift, I don't think its an issue at all.

My main issue is the apps for VR, while quite immersive, are just not my cup of tea at all. I think that for maximum use of VR, a dedicated game controller would be required. My version of google cardboard didn't have the magnetic button, so I have to use the included bluetooth controller. Which, unfortunately I can't seem to make it work in gamepad mode, only mouse mode (which works great!)

Probably gonna sell it soon. Urgh, have this pulsing headache on my temples. Graaah.


So I tried my friend's SunnyPeak VR Headset, and it works great! It came with resin lenses, and had the ability to change the interocular distance, and I had a much better time. The pictures were sharp, and I did not get any headaches. Seems like if you're nearsighted, not all work the same?

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