Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kfm3 Flying Wing Build Log 05

I was surprised when I received a small parcel today, containing the Cobra motor I ordered from the US last weekend. It's a Cobra 2204/58 1080Kv motor. This motor weighs almost half the weight of the Emax I was using, so I decided to rebuild a new, lighter weight pod. In doing so, the AUW of the wing is now 346 grams!!!

One advantage of having a pod (or fuselage) is that adjusting the CG should be much easier now - all I need to do is slide the battery forward and back, and use some foam spacers to take up the space.

On the flip side, there are now far more things to go wrong, and the wiring is more complicated. For example, the pod is attached to the wing with rubber bands. I've never crashed this airframe before, so I'm not sure how well it would take damage.

If the motor pod _does_ get destroyed though, it won't take too long to rebuild. In fact, I will probably have to create a new one when if I decide to put a camera and fpv gear on it.
The previous pod had the thrust line running more or less directly through the middle of the wing. In a sudden burst of randomness, I decided.... hey, let's try it with a high thrust line. And then I attached the motor with the mount flipped up.
 I can't wait to test her out on her maiden flight Sunday evening!

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