Saturday, October 03, 2015

Kfm4 Flying Wing Mods 2 Test Flight

Unfortunately, I had the camera angled too low, so out of 20 mins of footage, I had maybe... 20 seconds of aircraft, mainly in crashes XD

If not, the mods went very well, it was actually much easier to fly, I actually ran both batteries! That, is a win in my opinion. I first flew with the new thrust angle, which now had very benign behaviors in flight.

However, it still felt rather twitchy, so after I flew the first pack for about 10 mins, I added 14g of weight to the nose, and switched over to a new battery. She now flies with authority on the sticks! Much so that I tried some full throttle overflights as well as loops, and she handled it without any issues.

Loops perform very well with this wing, previously on my Nutball, it was nigh impossible to recover from a loop for some reason. This wing just pulls out of it easily. I also tried going vertical, then purposely stalled her while vertical. Once she nosed over, a little throttle brought her back into full control. I like this wing!!!

The main thing now is pitch sensitivity. She is *really* sensitive to the elevator input. I checked the transmitter when I got back, seems like the travel was set to 90%, while the aileron input only at 85%. Oops.

Roll on the other hand was great. Nothing like those crazy aerobatic planes you see, but perfect for newbies like me. 

Finally, battery life. My battery pack flew for about 10minutes. After the flight, the charger only put back 380mah back into the 1000mah battery (!!!!) This means, flight times of 15 minutes will be easily achieved, or, I can have the wing carry some heavier gear with no issues.

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