Thursday, May 16, 2013

Xprotolab Portable Oscilloscope

Had this appear today! Woo! At the moment, I don't have my belongings with me so not much things I can do with it. Here's a few things I could comment about it. The build quality is very good, and the buttons are very responsive to input.
And it is tiny.
The included protective case fits all the cables perfectly.
Here's all the stuff inside the case. I actually forgot to take out the 3.5mm -> BNC connector, so it's not in the photo :-/

Random glamour shot :P Shoulda taken the screen protector off.
Given that I have no signals to test against, it was very nice that the two analog inputs have a loopback to the signal generator. Here, we have a beaaaautiful 1khz sin wave being displayed.

The interface in generally seems quite intuitive, though I had to spend a quick moment going through the manual to figure out how to change the time (horizontal) scale. The manual has a flowchart of how the various functions work, that was a massive help. Hopefully life will settle down to routine in the next month or so.

So many idea, only one wolf.

#filing this under arduino since this is going to be for use with the arduino.

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