Friday, May 24, 2013

Nexus 4 and Unity 3d

So, this weekend I picked up a micro sim -> mini sim adaptor in the hopes that I could use my Xperia Ray here in Canada. Initially, it worked and seems to be fine, but after I could not access any data related options (google maps!), I did some reading and found out about data bands vs voice bands.

Evidently, the phone does not support the data bands here in Canada, but voice is fine. So, boo. The Xperia Ray felt so good in my pocket, i.e. can't really feel it. I was also looking forward to not charging my mobile every 4 days or so. I've found that disabling every friggin' thing on the Nexus 4 really improves its battery life but I digress.

Being rather free tonight, I decided to try out Unity3D with the Nexus 4. I had some minor hurdles, which was mainly not knowing where to find the USB Debug Mode on the phone. Evidently, it is hidden away, and googling will get you the answers.

Things proceeded quite smoothly after getting debug mode enabled, and I had no issues running a test apk on the phone. I must say, the display is simply glorious, the Unity logo, as well as my test cube and sphere were very nice and sharp.

I think I will definitely look around for a smaller sized, less power sucking android phone shortly, and leave the Nexus 4 for fun with unity, or when I have a need for high powered google maps usage again.

Speaking of Android.... my Kindle Fire has developed some kind of illness... it runs excruciatingly slow, and it seems like I'm not the only one experiencing this issue >.>

I have no idea what could have caused it, as I do not install "apps" and only download into it the music I buy off amazon. Grrr..... when I get more settled in I'll look into doing a reset to see if it helps. And also, figure out what to do with a UK Kindle in Canada....

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