Friday, May 31, 2013

Korg AW2+ Quick Review

Got a Korg AW2+ tuner today, an upgrade from my really old Casio. The casio is great for wind instruments, but it takes awhile to lock on a pitch, and does not work well with strings. Hence, the AW2+. There is an AW2 model available, but that is for instruments with concert tuning only. The AW2+ has additional settings for transposing instruments, perfect for sax, french horns etc.

It can pick up the tuning using either the piezo pickup or mic, has several back lighting options, as well as a feature for changing the reference A frequency. A bit pricey ($32!), but I believe it will be a good long term investment. My other Korg metronome is still kicking butt.

Here's a random underexposed photo of the sky:

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