Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday stuff.

So, continuing from this morning's post, I headed over to HSBC to ask about their cards. Evidently it is only useful for withdrawals at atms and for interac..... ok, I'll need to figure that out.

Explored a bit more of the underground city, all the way up to Guy Concordia Metro. Found a games workshop here, woo!
Which is pretty awesome as they've got a new Space Wolves book out, which I didn't want to buy in Singapore. Also checked out some jeans, Old Navy's range started from just a touch under 20, and levi's were a touch under 100. Not bad.

After that, went over to check out another apartment. Hopefully I can get it, but there are at least 6 other people who want to rent that place, whilst I was there, with probably after me. Sigh. Decided to have a late lunch at A&W (again!).
I love the fries they got, skin on chips in a cute little basket :D
Soooooo need to find a place fast >.>

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