Saturday, May 11, 2013

Grah, what is this card?!

Due to some snafus, I got my bank card about a week in after I landed in Montreal. Supposed to have got it in Singapore. Whatever.

But I've never really had to use the bank card until Thursday evening when I attempted to buy a Metro ticket. And got refused. I was like... ok, perhaps I got the pin incorrect. After checking, I went to an atm (the atm I visited charged a $2 transaction fee... culture shock, yes!) and it worked fine.

Trying again at the Metro ticketing station, no go. I also tried at one of the Metro supermarkets, no go there as well :-/

From the signs on the Metro vending machine, the debit cards accepted there appear to have the visa symbols, whereas mine does not (HSBC canada). Annoying, but not the end of the world. New country, new things to adapt to.

Still hunting for a place, it's like places that appear on craigslist/kijiji dissapear almost as fast as they are posted, and only the really high end expensive and lower priced student lodging is available. Doesn't help that all I want is just a studio or at max, a 1 bed place. Couples have it easier, as there are much more 2 bedroom (and larger) apartments around.

Going to hsbc right now to check about this card I have, then hopefully those emails I've sent out for places to visit will be replied and I can check out a few more places today. GAH!

Oh, here's a piano re-used as some sort of horticulture experiment.

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