Saturday, May 04, 2013

Blargh: Random posting.

So, things have been going swimmingly, in general. One little hitch was my apartment. I had an agreement with the tenants to pay the rent when I got my keys (which was supposed to be today...). However, on Thursday evening, I received a text that because I didn't put a deposit, the apartment will now not be rented out. I was like... what?! This wasn't our agreement at all!

So, I'm back in the house hunting mode again. Sigh. Will probably be heading out shortly to troll the neighborhoods on foot. Oh, here's a random ice cream shoppe photo.

Also have been using the Nexus 4 for the past two weeks, and I have a love-hate relationship with it. First, the screen is awesome. The response of the phone is also amazing. Battery life is poor, but with my usage needs, it is actually not too bad. I'd say with my needs, I'd easily go 3-4 days between charges - unlike my 2g iphone which gets over a week!

Now what I really do not like is actually the size of the phone. When making phone calls, I really need two hands to use it. I can't for example whilst making a call, use just my right hand to hit the icon that brings up the numeric touchpad. I mean sure, I could, but it makes the phone really wobbly.

Also, whilst in the phone mode, attempting to switch between the phone, call log and contacts is simply not possible with my genetic makeup. Ok, so I can reach the call log button with a little stretch but the phone button (located at the very very top left of the screen)? Not with my hand.

Once life settles down a bit more, I'm probably going to just sell the Nexus 4. Picking up my Xperia Ray, it just fits so well in one hand. It also helps that I prefer the Xperia Ray's camera. Will miss the Nexus 4's photosphere though. Maybe there is an iphone sized android 4 phone out there, I dunno. Or I could do what some of my photographer friends do. Buy an iphone.

EDIT: One other niggle that bothers me, the on/off switch is located by the right side of the Nexus 4. So when pressing it, I tend to have to press against the left side of the phone, which, so conveniently, the volume buttons are at. Causing the volume controls to appear onscreen. Consider this against the Xperia and iphone 2g which have it on the top, and friction from the phone being held on both sides is enough to support the button pressing.

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