Sunday, February 07, 2010

Waltzing around Colchester town with my new 24mm :)

I'd recently bought a used 24mm/2.8 AF-D Nikkor as I want to try out jazz photography (we'll see how *that* goes), and took it out for a spin as my main lens today.

 War Memorial in Colchester Town

After the crop factor, it gives roughly a 36mm equivalent field of view, which hopefully will be similar to my Canon QL17 (40mm/1.7) and my dearly missed Contax G Zeiss 35mm/2 Planar.

Gardens beside Colchester Castle

It's a whole stop slower, and one thing I enjoy complaining about the Nikkor lens line up - the lack of a fast primes. On the flip side, even if I were a Canon shooter, I doubt I would be able to afford the Canon prime on a whim.

Bridge into the castle

I started the day with the Natural History Museum, which I thought was rather small. However, the size doesn't indicate the quality of the exhibits which I thought was amazing.

Firefly, the stuffed fox

The exhibits in there were very well made (the fox doesn't factor in please ;-)).

Do you want hugs?

After asking permission from the gentleman in charge, I proceeded to take a few snaps of the foxy and some of the other exhibits. Wide open at 2.8, at 1600, I'm very satisfied with the image quality, but I still want more shots to get more of a feel of the bokeh. At the moment it feels smooth, if slightly underdeveloped.

Click pic for big version!

36mm fov is a little tight, but it can work.

I thought the exhibits were very comprehensive, and the stuffed critters... really impressive, especially the duck exhibit.

Some random view.


The high street

Left the museum and proceeded to walk around the castle grounds, but didn't have the time to visit the castle due to time constraints. Instead I decided to check out the high street.

Some random back lane with random B&W applied

Post office at the end of the high street

Went around to another part of town.

I'll learn how to deal with shorter primes again.

Took a full loop and ended up at the museum again :) This time I made my way through the castle grounds.

Many waterfowl abound.

Yet another lake with more water fowl.

The cliche s-bend shot.

Feeding the birds 

Good day, and very pleased with the lens. It does tend to flare even with the sun out of frame, so keep and eye out and shield the lens.


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