Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gear thoughts and Athens Holiday.

Arrived back late on Thursday from Athens, and spent the rest of Friday out in Kingston again, to catch the farmer's market in full bloom. Only just started to copy the raws from my hyperdrive to my hdd, and thought I'd just blog about some of the gear I brought over to Greece.

First choice, was body. D200 or D300? After agonizing for a few long seconds, the answer was obvious: D200. First, it's an older, cheaper body, so if (touch wood) it gets stolen, it won't hurt SO much. In addition, it's just for holiday snaps :)

Lens choices were pretty straightforward: 16-85VR, 70-300VR and 24mm AF-D. I also brought a SB600, flag and remote triggers - which I used for two shots. Most of the time though, everything was in my backpack, and the camera was ready to go with the R-Strap.

The 16-85 was my mainstay lens for most of the trip: VR was awesome with high iso indoors with no flash, and outdoors it generally provided a wide enough field of view, and reasonable tele range. The 70-300VR had some minor use, mainly to pick out detail from structures. The 24mm was more of my night-use lens, and I also prefer using it when traveling between the airport and city etc as it's small profile is not as obtrusive as the 16-85VR with its petal hood attached.

Didn't shoot that much, but did a fair number of panorama shoots, which took up a good amount of space. The good old Hyperdrive Space took up the duty of sucking the raws from the compact flash cards. In retrospect, I could probably have done all 4 days on 3 4GB cf cards, but who knew :)

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