Sunday, February 14, 2010

Athens Day 3

This time I set the alarm correctly! And woke up a little before 7am. Quick shower and I was down to nom on evil bacon, sausages, eggs, more eggs, toast, and loads of tea.

The weather wasn't looking very good today, and the day was pretty gloomy with the punctured by the staccato of small, light showers. The 16-85VR was the keystone for this weather, as I've shot it with my D200 in much heavier rain.

First Cemetary of Athens

My plan for the day would be to cover the First Cemetary of Athens (how many tourist visit this place, I wonder... ), the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the various other archeological hotspots around the acropolis.

The Sleeping Lady

Monument beside the church

I think I read somewhere that the cemetary holds your body for 3 years, before it moves it to your final resting place, which explains why parts of the cemetary were very very new. It's a very nice quiet place for one to nurse one's thoughts.

Temple of Olympian Zeus, with the Acropolis in the distance.

Ye olde mighty walls

The Ancient Agora

Site near the Library of Hadrian


Gateway into the Roman Agora

Ruins of ancient toilets.

Tower of the Winds (aka Horologion of Kyrrhestos) in the Roman Agora

Was very tired after visiting all these sites, and decided to call it a day and returned to the hotel. In the evening, I went out to another greek place, and had a really awesome meal. For a starter I was introduced a soup that seemed to be made of cheese and milk (omg). The main course was fish with tomatoes and potatoes with a side of rice. A cup of tea (the milk in greece tastes very different, much thicker. I love it!) with a sweet treat, a compliments of the restaurant.

On the way back again got accosted by another idiot trying to pull me to a bar, shrugged 'em off and retired for the night.


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