Monday, February 08, 2010

Exploring Kingston On Thames with my 24mm :)

Out Of Order, a sculpture by David Mach

After yesterday's fun outing to Colchester, I decided to pop by Kingston to check out this town - didn't realize how close it was to Bushy and Richmond Parks - as well as to get lunch with an acquantance.

I wanted to visit the market place first, but the sights along Old London Road caught my eye.

Checked my map at the end of the street, and found out that I was actually waaaay off course, did a 180 and went back to the high street.

One of the smaller lanes there had this red/blue doors I found interesting, the contrasting colors and designs.

The river side was host to many waterfowl, and there are conservation efforts under-way.


And I finish with a random lock.... :P


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