Monday, February 15, 2010

Furballs of Athens

Forgot about these critters :) Saw lots of cats and dogs during my trip, and most seem pretty well fed. I'm also pretty sure I saw a husky cross....

Downside of so many dogs, and big well fed ones at that, is that there seem to be a few more poop drops than I care to relish :)

Random mew along the Plaka

Doggie near my hotel. I think he's blind in one eye.

Another furball snoozing, this time right inside the Acropolis.

Hmm can't remember where, probably somewhere in the Plaka.

Just outside the Acropolis's museum store.

On a roof top along the plaka

Hungry mew in the Temple of Ancient Zeus. Was rubbing up to all the visitors.

Big furball snoozing at the entrace of the Temple.

Big whitish furball in the Ancient Agora.

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