Friday, April 26, 2013

Montreal: Day Two

So, today I left the apartment early to experience rush hour traffic just before 9am. Didn't feel like rush hour at all to me, that's Singapore in the afternoon! I'll try again earlier tomorrow, like half past 8, as that's probably the real time I need to leave for work.

Upon arriving in the Laurier Metro station, I headed down to the office. Guess who we have for neighbors?

Due to some synchronicity, I found the office but didn't want to go in, just wanted to recce the location, when the head of 3d popped out of the door, and it was just during some breakfast get together thing.... erm ok. What can I say, luck of a wolf?

After leaving the office, I trolled around the area hunting for "a louer" signage. Found lots of them, but they were usually larger than what I wanted, like 4 1/2 (that's quebec lingo for a 2 bedroom partment.) and larger.

Having not much luck, I decided to head down towards the Mont Royal station, where I knew there was an A&W for an early lunch.
Root beer taste like root beer, can or frosted mug :P But still it is great to taste something that has long been wiped out from Singapore.

After lunch, I continued the areas around the Laurier and Mont Royal train stations for rental signs. I'd actually had the luck to run into a landlord putting up signs, but after viewing the apartment decided it was not for me. Granted, it was waaaay cheaper than my london apartment, but it was really quite small. 

After this, I decided I was tired, and headed over to Chinatown.

Unlike London's Chinatown which seems to mostly serve food from Hong Kong, it was a mixture here with some Hong Kong style food, together with a strong Vietnamese presence. Pho, anyone?
Bought a whole bunch of pastries and buns then headed home to rest up and check on padmapper, craigslist and kijiji.

In the evening, I headed out to explore Sherbrooke, which was pretty nice, then headed over to Rosemont Metro, which is inside "Little Paris". Whilst this Metro station and apartments are very close to work, to get from Rosemont to Mile End on foot requires me to take a sidewalk of a tunnel, a rather convoluted path.

Given that the winters here are cold cold cold, I want to minimize the time I spend out there, so I'll have to give Rosemont a miss.
By then, it was pretty late and I was worn out. I decided to just get some ham and cheese to accompany the loaf of bread I bought from Chinatown earlier. Time to hit the sack!

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