Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY Clip On Saxophone Mic

I am currently moving to Montreal for work, and as such have sold of lots of things I bought in the UK, and most of my music gear has been sold, including all my microphones and audio interface etc. What I do have left is my Zoom H1, and the Audio Technical ATR-3350 lapel mic.

This mic is an omni mic and supposedly does not have the proximity effect like the other cardioid mics I've owned in the past. To use it with the sax, I've followed the suggestion by Pete Thomas and built my own kind of holder for the lapel mic. Using cheapo clothes clip, I found some "aluminum wire" that is evidently used by bonsai enthusiats (to shape bonsais as they grow) at Daiso. The wire loops perfectly through the holes in the clip, and it is very flexible and easy to position the mic.

The clothes clip could be improved as it kept slipping - no rubber grip like Pete's - but it worked well enough for my recording purposes. Sadly, as my sample drive is still on a ship to Montreal, I don't have a backing tracked recorded. Will put up samples when I've settled down!

That said, I will be boarding my flight in a few hours. Woo!

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