Saturday, April 27, 2013

Montreal: Day Quatre

So, nothing much on today, decided to explore the area around Chinatown a bit more.
Waaay more packed over the weekend.
Got a new camera app for the phone, "camzoom fx". I'm in two minds over it. I don't see an exposure compensation control........ the borders and fx are really fun though.
Found one of the bigger chinese supermarkets.
Some of my personal staples aren't as cheap as I thought.

There was a protest against Employment Insurance going on. Decided to pop into a shopping centre to avoid the crowds.
There are lots of food courts (what are they called here?) underground, easily rivaling Singapore.
Had poutine for lunch again. I was recommended to visit LaBanquise. Probably tomorrow :3
Here's a photo of Play Des Arts Metro.
Decided to head home then. Need to catch up on my french studies!

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