Thursday, August 27, 2015

Teksumo Build Log 02

Only had a little time today, so I started checking out the parts that came with the Teksumo. The assembly instructions that came with it make it sound so easy, but sadly I didn't buy the recommended parts, so I'm having to deal with several issues.

First up, is the motor mount. Sadly, it will only allow one way to mount the motor, and that's with the bulk of the motor behind. Which means I can't attach the prop to the motor's shaft.

More importantly, the shaft intersects with a portion of the motor mount! (!!!!)
As you can see from the picture above, the shaft extends out into the wood. Argh! No matter, I have the FC 28-12 mentioned previously that spins like a regular motor but.....
It's motor mount is too small XD I need to drill some holes for this baby to work.
So either I remove some wood to fit the SK3 28-26 1130Kv motor, else I need to drill holes for the 1534kv. Decisions, decisions. Gah!

And let's move on to the next subject, servos!
Again, the 5g servos won't fit into the pre-cut slot! Luckily (and surprisingly), the servo fits into the plywood mount. At least there's that. Also, the servo cables do not seem to reach long enough to where the receiver will be. So, unless I run extension cables, I could take this chance to make a bigger hole closer to where the receiver is.

We'll see :)

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