Friday, August 28, 2015

Teensy 3.1 too fast XD

I've been experiencing very odd cases of the AHRS system simply updating very slowly. If I were to update the exact same sketch again, it'd work as I'd expect.

After much troubleshooting and getting nowhere - I thought my use of the IntervalTimer was causing issues, but it was not so - I loaded up the example Sparkfun sketch, and noted that when I plug in the board the first time, the gyros won't updated, only the accelerometer and magnetometer!

If I then upload the exact same sketch, the gyro would run. I thought perhaps the servo was drawing too much current, but no, that wasn't it. I gave up and asked the forums, and got a quick reply by the creator of the Teensy rather quickly! He suggested dropping in a delay before I initialized the sensors, and that did the trick!

Evidently, the Teensy boots up really fast, and the call to initialize the sensors was done before the sensors were properly powered up. That's another thing learnt today! Thanks Paul!

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