Thursday, August 20, 2015

Batteries from Hobbking USA West Warehouse

Over the weekend, I decided to build a Teksumo flying wing to explore fpv flying. I actually called up my local hobby shop to see if they sold any flying wings, but it seems like the few I've visited mainly stock Horizon Hobby products, so basically no.

Hobbyking operates from several locations, and I bought most of the parts of the aircraft from their so-called "International" warehouse. Batteries though, I decided to purchase from the West USA warehouse. They arrived surprisingly swiftly; ordered late on the 16th of August, and it arrived today, the 19th!

The batteries arrived well packaged, and each battery actually came with it's own box and instruction sheet, as well as being sheathed in two layers of bubble wrap.

I'm assuming there will be some kind of brokerage charge in the mail, I'll update this post when that happens. I'll also run a build log once all the parts arrive.

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