Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

I don't think I've ever been a fan of music games; dance dance revolution probably comes to mind as one of the earliest I've seen but never really got into it. Theatrhythm final fantasy though, even thought it has nothing with people jumping on touchpads, is brilliant! I've only got the demo, its got the exact same paradigm as any other music game; perform some action according to the beat of the music as indicated by the icons onscreen. With the 3ds, it means doing various strokes on the touchscreen with your stylus.

Holding the stylus down, moving it about, tapping, as well as various strokes seem really simple, but in the game when moving at a rapid pace, it is not only giggle inducing, but also reflects the "battle" between your 4 adventurers and the monster they are fighting.

The demo only has 2 stages, 3 difficulties each, if you are winning, it seems that you get a chance to call upon a summon or cast a spell, but missing notes means you lose hp, and like most FF games, when it reaches zero, it's game over!

Only two tunes were in the demo, only the "Man with a machine gun" is familiar to me, the other tune was from XIII, never played that. Still, it's awfully nice to hear a remix of a tune from your youth. Guess this baby is on my to-buy list.

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