Saturday, August 18, 2012

Odd pricing of the Nintendo E-shop

The Nintendo E-shop recently released a few new titles, one of which, the "New Art Academy" seems like a fun drawing program, but it costs £29.90, nearly £10 more compared to the retail package on amazon.

One reason we can guess is to limit competition between the e-shop and retail outlets - else who would want to walk into a game shop? But £10 more? Arguably, for certain games, well Art Academy is more like a drawing tool  than a game, and I'd much prefer to have it on my internal memory, not as a cartridge. But to pay nearly £10 more is a bit excessive - especially when the costs of distribution, and physical retail packages are not needed.

Also, I think the 3ds is doing a number to my eyes, I've been very tired lately, and I am quite certain it is from squinting into that tiny little screen. I've never felt this way till I got the 3ds, and I spend ALOT of time in front of screens, at home at at work, and have never felt this tired. This wolf think it is time to get rid of gaming (but but but) to save my eyes.

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