Friday, August 03, 2012

Midi Controller: ARGH!

Continued work on the midi controller has been somewhat fruitful today... the MPXM2010GS actually delivers the output with *seemingly* no issues, and my el-cheapo multimeter is actually capable of reading the voltages down the the milivolt range, so woo! No need to lust for higher-end instruments.

On the downside, whilst things did work, I lost both the breath sensors. I have one more but I'll not touch it. They're kinda expensive >.> One of them (the left) died in a soldering accident. The 2nd one on the right was working very well, till I was fiddling with the differential amp and broke off two of the pins >.> SMT components are really not meant to be handled this way.


Checking the freescale product sheet, there is actually a sensor that comes in a larger packaging and seems to be (generally) working to the same specs (MPX2010 series). I guess I'll have to go for that.

I also could not get the differential amp to work, so I'm probably going to get an on-chip instrumentation amplifier instead.

If not, I thought this prototyping phase is quite successful, once the voltage can be amplified to max out the arduino's analog input levels, it will be a simple matter to read in the values and convert them into midi cc values.

In theory ;-)

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