Monday, August 13, 2012

MIDI Controller: Phase 3

Now that I've got a working prototype, the next stage will be to simplify the design, as well as put in some of the features I've been thinking about.

First, there is the question of using MIDI Out + power supply, or just using a USB-Midi device.

The first one would have the advantage of plugging into any midi device following the standard. USB Midi on the other hand would boast the most convenience for desktop warriors like myself.

USB Midi is more difficult as one would need a way to make the device appear as a midi device on your pc/mac, and there are some very nice hacks that involve modifying cheap usb midi inputs for that purpose.

Now I've not been following the Arduino scene, and thought I'd check it up. Evidently they've been busy, and came up with a new bit of hardware, the Arduino Leonardo.

According to forums and such, it is possible to setup the Leonardo so that it appears as a midi device to desktop machines, pretty nifty! What's more, after a bit of reading, there exists another option, the Teensy, that looks like the perfect solution for my needs: compact, affordable, usb powered, and can be setup to be seen as a midi device by desktop machines.

And with the microp compatible breath sensor I hope to get next month, this will be a very compact device.

Things that I wish to implement in phase 3 include using the Teensy with the new breath controller, using a variable control so that we can using either alot or little breath to hit the full range of the sensor, as well as another control to change the linearity of the response. Oh, I will probably want to look into filtering the data... not so keen on it though as I had a stint at work where we were up to our necks filtering volumetric data, so... the thought of FILTERING MORE DATA AT HOME is not entirely enticing.

Other thoughts include using a dip switch to allow selection of which channel to send the midi data to, not only to 2, though the thought of wiring up a dip switch makes me somewhat ill. Like, eww. Dip switches are so not sexy. Especially compared to those sexy ADXL335s. Baby.

Also, mouthpiece design. There has to be something I can re-purpose for that.

And, given that the Teensy has lots of inputs both digital and analog, additional stuff can be connected like a bite pressure sensor, that could be routed to another CC for use in the daw, and stuff like connecting accelerometers, thermometers, barometers etc. Maybe for the final instrument itself, this is just for the breath controller.

Oh well, enough musings, can't wait for payday.

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tanitodelorto said...

thaks for share your madness!
I am working on a Bandoneon, 76 keys and a lot todo in mechanical tings.
Thanks !