Thursday, May 13, 2010

Statement of an artist? (Semi-blog emo post)

From ConceptArt forums:

As an artist the truth is there is not short cut. Being an artist or wanting to be is a nutso choice. One reason is once you dedicate yourself it is lifetime endeavor that means you are constantly learning, reshaping, growing blah blah indefinitely. Its a crazy life choice.

Browing for gesture tutorials and came across this. Wanted to put this on my "art" blog but decided to emo here instead.

When does one consider oneself an "artist" Is it the title (VFX Techincal Director, VFX Animator, VFX Artist). Or is it the final output (film, photos, painting, sculpture?) Or it the process. Or is it just the being? The want to learn, to further improve? To enjoy, revel in the process?

I don't know.

The quote from CA grabs at me though. Be it houdini photography or whatever, many of us are constantly learning, striving to be more than what we are. To hit the next level.

Indeed for myself I am trying my best to learn and grow. And yet on the other side of the fence, I ask myself why.

Then again do I care?

I need 48 hour days and the ability to sleep less. Then I can do more houdini, photography, drawing, learn the flute, sax and all the other shizzle I wanna do. Maybe even time to get a partner.



(I did say this was an emo post no? :P )

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