Monday, May 03, 2010

Oxford in stills and panoramics

Visited Oxford yesterday, weather was rainy and overcast, but made the best of it :) That's the thing with travel photography, just capture what we can I say :)

Top of the Carfax Tower

Kit was kept lightweight-ish by my standards. D200 + 16-85VR, and the SB600.

SB600 providing a little fill in here, wirelessly :)

Bouncing off the left with the SB600 offshoe!

Shot loads just to get the correct bounce.

Top down from the University Church tower.

Loads of details!

Touch of fill from the pop up flash.

Very interesting - a chest for transporting £££.

Details, so much detail!

The dining halls seem to be very serious


The altar

View from Carfax Tower

View from the University Church's Tower

Radcliff Camera from the University Church's Tower

The Christ Church Quad. I think.

I think I covered maybe a fifth of the places to visit in Oxford. I will definitely be making another trip down in the summer.


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