Sunday, May 16, 2010

BWC again!

Went down with a few photogs to the BWC today, weather was actually quite good from my point of view - somewhat overcast which eased the need to push the fill flash, and the cooler weather had alot of the critters very active throughout the entire day.

I think the main excitement at the BWC would be that one of the foxes just gave birth to a litter of pups (!!!) - they are currently still mostly black and mom isn't letting them out of the den much. Only caught sight of them twice, and was not in a good position to shoot. Oh well.

If not, the kits from last time round have grown up into beautiful little furballs. Micro foxes really. While very active, they seem a little more aloof.

Was at the deer talk shooting ref (legs, hooves, heads, full body shots etc) and happened upon a portrait I liked.

Scottish wildcarts were *very* active today as well. I tried shooting the usual side on shots, and with usual stuff, I got usual shots. However, whilst walking around I saw this furball sitting in a really unique position :D
And my favourite wildcat shot of the day ^^ Aieee sooo cuuuute!

Again, I have never seen much of the critters like the Pine Martens, and just managed to grab a shot of one.

The Bird display went flawlessly today, though I could swear that the Snowy Owl, Hedwig was bigger. Guess we thought wrong. Had a nice portrait of one of the keepers:

And the head keeper inside the fox's enclosure looking to get a shot of the fox pups ^^

I leave thee with the obligatory fox head shot :D


PS: I also picked up a pencil rendered greeting card of a fox by Joanne T Kell, I'm still very new to drawing and her work is an inspiration. The rendered fur is just so lifelike!

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