Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eagle Heights in Summer

Visited Eagle Heights wildlife park this good day to get some reference husky photos for my sketching, sadly, the day was very warm - summer's here - so all the dogs were not only not moving in the shade, the enclosures they stay in have this really bright and thick bars in the way :(

I did manage to get some live gestures done and get some crappy ref shots of huskies and a pony so it's not that bad. Had a few keepers as well:

Griffon Vulture sprawled out, taking in the sun ^^

On the chopping block! Aiee! No, not really.

Bald eagle coming in...

Bing bang boom!

Random, panning meerkat shot :D

North American Porcupines! So cuddly.... er no.

Thought this shot was touching...

 Orange teeth?!

Ooooo keep away from me photog!

Pygmy Goat shot

Sea eagle, if I remember properly. Beatiful furballs.


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