Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whee off to shoot bears, WOLVES and lynx!

It's finally time! And in fact I almost kinda forgot about it due to being so busy. But yes, I will be joining Chris Weston's Europe's Great Predator's photo trip. Woot!

It's like a 4 day trip, but I reckon the first and last days will be spent mostly on flying between countries and getting to/fro the accomodation. Bloody excited, but at the same time I haven't yet packed my luggage and I have a feeling my trusty monopod will be giving me fits in the check-in baggage.

Initial list of photography related items would be
- D200 & D300
- SB600, SB28, Wireless triggers, Flash Extenders, Gels, Flag (!!!)
- 300/4 AF-S
- 70-200VR
- 16-85VR
- Digital Camera for videos
- Spare Cards, Batteries
- HyperDrive Space
- Chargers (note to self: Bring phone charger!)

Initial idea would be tack the 70-200 on the D200 (VR + fast lens to compensate for the lower iso range, and the 300/4 on the D300, so hopefully this will be a usable duel-weld combo). May switch to the 16-85 on the D200 instead, depending on the location. Am also wondering if I should bring along the primes... GAH! I'm also going to try to NOT use the flash as much this time round. We'll see...

Weather reports indicate possibility of rain, which half of me finds exciting, and half of me finds meh :D So long as the bears and wolves appear in the rain, I won't care - it only makes the shots more unique.

Still got fever on the brain, hopefully it clears up :(

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